Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Which German Soccer Player Is Gay?

The German gay web site took a poll of its readers to find out which German soccer player would be the least surprise if he came out. As of the writing of this post, Arne Friedrich had the most votes followed by Philipp Lahm, who just got married after the end of the World Cup. I would take Lahm or Podoloski into the fold anyday, but it doesn’t look like Lahm fits the bill. Are there gay German soccer players?


All football players say they are straight - if it would be different, whose outing would surprise you the least?


A) 425 votes, 2 3.5%: Arne Friedrich
B) 128 votes, 7.1%: Mirolsav Klose
C) 405 votes, 22.4%: Philipp Lahm
D) 70 votes, 3.9%: Thomas Müller
E) 328 votes, 18.2%: Manuel Neuer
F) 126 votes, 7.0%: Mesut Özil
G) 187 vote, 10.4%: Lukas Podolski
H) 136 votes, 7.5%: Outings impossible - the guys are just too diverse

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