Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chace Crawford Makes His Assistant Wet


Is this for real? Chace Crawford is shown above supposedly with a personal assistant holding his Pride umbrella for him as he walks down the street. It doesn’t seem possible that someone would be so arrogant as to have someone else do this for them, when they have nothing but their cap in their hands and could hold the umbrella themselves.

It shows how PAs are psychotic. How could you have so little self-esteem that you would agree to do this? I would tell CC to go f*** himself with it and appropriately enjoy all the colors of the rainbow.

House slaves had to do this kind of thing because they would be punished if they didn’t. PAs do it because they want to. Sick.
On the other hand, if Chace likewise wants assistance so that he can use the urinal but have someone else hold it, I am so there.

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