Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jeffery & Cole Casserole Gone Bad


The gay comedy team of Jeffery Self and Cole Escola are back on LogoTV for their 2nd season of their comedy sketch show Jeffery & Cole Casserole. While the 1st season of Jeffery & Cole Casserole was a hilarious helping of absurdity, the 2nd season appears to be only a caricature of the first. The entertaining quality of a show about two guys doing amateur videos now looks like just two guys doing an amateur video. It’s sad to see something good go downhill so fast.

There is a rumor that Logo paid Self and Escola a very small sum of money for their work. Perhaps for the second season, the pair decided to give the company what it paid for, and intentionally decided to deliver a load of crap. It doesn’t help the viewer if that were true, but at least it would make the two of them not look so tapped out.

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