Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Poets Dance

The Poets Dance

“As Seen On TV”, the Rockford, Illinois band The Poets Dance is gaining a lot of nationwide popularity thanks to its appearance in a commercial for The catchy tune along with the band’s unique electronic sound and visual appeal is causing a lot of people to look-up who the band is and how they can hear more of their music.

The commercial that The Poets Dance is in is one of four commercials that is televising to show each of the four finalists in the site’s contest to find an official band to use in its advertising. The credit reporting company that owns the site, Experian, had a lot of success with its previous set of commercials for (note the name difference). In those commericials, a fake band sang a series of very popular jingles that brought a lot of attention to the site. That campaign is over, but to help introduce its new product, new website, Experian decided to reuse the concept, but this time hire a real band that would present its own sound and not just lip-sync to session recordings.

Experian did talent searches in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, using event people and promoters to find the best “undiscovered” local talent and have them apply. Experian also allowed bands from all over to submit videos of themselves for consideration. The candidates were narrowed down to four finalists by the company and those bands were then shown on TV for the first time during the MLB All-Star game in July, 2010. At that time, the contest was opened to the public to vote for their favorite. The voting contest continues through August 9th, 2010, after which the winner will be announced. Among other prizes, the winning band will be part of the FCS advertising campaign for 18 months.    

The Poets Dance refer to their style as rocktronica, although Experian has labeled them as progressive electro-rock. On the site, it also states that, “The name, The Poets Dance, encompasses what the style of music is all about. The instrumentation combines synthesizers and guitars with up-beat rhythms to really ignite an energy in the sound, while being led with poetic and intriguing melodies that all demographics can relate and latch on to.”

About themselves, the band says, “The Poets Dance music arises from a variety of genres, incorporating progressive club rock elements to shape a sound that is truly unique. The guitars and bass drive hard and are intricately entwined into synthesizers that explore the depths of electronic manipulation. A trio of vocalists empty their lungs into smooth, poetic lyrics, on top of a heart-pounding beat that will leave you breathless yourself.”

The band has been around for about six years, but has gone through several name changes. At one time is was known as “Kissing Kimberly”, but with the addition of another lead vocalist, Luke Larson, in 2006, the band changed its name to “A Perfect Paradigm”. At some point it became just “The Paradigm” and then more recently, became “The Poets Dance.” The name changes reflected some changes in the music style as the group matured. The current name reflects a passion for dance music coupled with emotionally charged lyrics.

Early in 2010, the band released an album titled “2013”. They will be releasing a 6 track EP later this year.

Here are the band members:
  • Luke Larson - Lead Vocals / Guitars
  • Ryan D. Jensen - Lead Vocals / Synthesizers
  • Sean Gomez - Vocals / Bass
  • Andrew “Dobber” Dobson - Auxiliary Synthesizers
  • Jarrett Kimberly - Drums / Percussion
To vote for The Poets Dance, go to FreeCreditScoreBand.Com. You can vote once every 24 hours through August 9th, 2010.

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